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What Exactly Is Water Based Ink in Screen Printing?

Water-based inks, also known as softlays, are the more inexpensive alternative to solvent inks. They are used for simpler designs and less color since water-based inks are only available in a small range of colors. The typical ink is made with a pigment and a non-ionic surfactant dissolved into distilled water. Water-Based Ink Water-based inks

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Does the Future of Payments Mean a Cashless Society?

In a cashless society, financial transactions are processed electronically, a trend which has accelerated in recent years. A few years ago, a cashless society was something we would only read about in fantasy books. However, living in a cashless society could become a reality with today’s trends. Digital payments are now an integral part of

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45 Best Promotion Email Templates For Your Business

Do you need a fast, easy and affordable way to promote your business? Well, there’s no reason to look anymore as you’ve reached the right place. Our collection of promotion announcement email templates is rich and varied allowing anyone to find the right layout for their business. We have 100% responsive themes that will impress


How to use TikTok to increase brand awareness?

There are a lot of rumors on the Internet about a popular youth network. Someone says that this site is not suitable for large companies and attracting an audience for a blogger, because only children and teenagers use hosting. Others say that TikTok is a great platform to promote a brand and transfer traffic to


What is Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR)?

Reading Time: 2 mins Compound annual growth rate (CAGR) refers to the average annual growth rate of an investment. The CAGR is measured over a specified amount of time and is used by business owners to determine the total returns for an investment.  Investments can fluctuate in value over time. Looking at the mean CAGR over the specified time … read more

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How to successfully promote and host a fashion show for your business

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If you’re looking for a way to put your clothing company in the spotlight, why not host a fashion show? Creative marketing can have a significant impact on building brand awareness and improving sales. A fun, exciting event is sure to be more memorable than a social media post and much more exciting than yet […]

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